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Organic Pest Management for Cannabis Growers Nationwide

At Plantsman, we have found a safe and effective solution. We have harnessed the proven power of nature to fight off unwanted pests. By utilizing specific beneficial insects, what we call our good bugs, we help frustrated growers of all sizes successfully eliminate pesticide applications and prevent potential future outbreaks, so you can focus on growing your cannabis business to the next level.

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Meet Our Good Bugs!

At Plantsman we offer a wide variety of beneficial insects to help combat plant pests. Our goal is to help you properly plan and prevent a pest outbreak through our safe and effective pest management products.

Growers Helping Growers

For the past decade, we’ve been utilizing beneficial insects in our own large-scale facility and the results have been incredible. We are thrilled to now be helping fellow growers of all sizes ditch their chemical insecticides and switch over to using beneficial insects.

Use Our Bug Calculator

Knowing how many bugs to order is always the confusing part of the process. Utilize our free tool, the Bug Calculator, to help you determine the proper amount of good bugs to use.

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Browse our selection of good bugs and learn about which bugs fit your specific needs. Discover how easy it can be to get our good bugs delivered right to your doorstep.

Grower Consultations

At Plantsman, we offer in-house and remote consultation services, working directly with cannabis growers to establish a plan that fits their specific needs.

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We help frustrated growers of all sizes, like you, successfully eliminate pesticide applications and prevent potential future outbreaks by utilizing beneficial insects, what we call our good bugs.

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“Got my first shipment of bugs through The Plantsman! It was super easy and Nick helped me determine exactly what bugs to get and how to apply them. Highly recommend The Plantsman!”

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