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Eliminate Fungus Gnats Today!

a insect on the grass

Are you tired of battling fungus gnats? We have some solutions that actually work!

Biological control for fungus gnats uses beneficial insects and predators to control the pest population. Some of the most common biological control agents for fungus gnats include:

  • Steinernema feltiae nematodes: These nematodes are parasitic to fungus gnat larvae. They are applied to the soil and actively seek out the larvae. Once they find a larvae, they penetrate the larvae’s body and release bacteria that kill the larvae.
  • Stratiolaelaps scimitus predatory mites: These mites are predators of fungus gnat larvae and pupae. They are applied to the soil and actively search for the larvae and pupae. Once they find a larvae or pupae, they eat it.

These biological control agents are effective in controlling fungus gnat populations. They are also safe for humans and pets, and they are environmentally friendly.

In addition to biological control, there are other methods that can be used to control fungus gnats. These methods include:

  • Cultural control: This involves reducing the moisture levels in the soil and removing any organic debris that could be providing a food source for the larvae.
  • Physical control: This involves using yellow sticky traps to catch the adults.
  • Chemical control: This is the least desirable method, as it can be harmful to humans and pets. However, it may be necessary in severe infestations.

By using a combination of these methods, it is possible to effectively control fungus gnat populations and protect your plants.

If you are having trouble controlling any pest in your garden, contact us at 248-916-8550 today. We can help you identify the species of pest, you have and develop a control plan that is right for you.


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