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Preventative Predators for the Outdoor Season

a close up of a green plant
a close up of a green plant
a close up of a green plant

Tips for Using Beneficials Insects in Outdoor Plants

Whether you are popping seeds or coming from clones, you can never be too prepared for your plants to go outdoors. There are a variety of biologicals that work successfully outdoors on a preventative level- and when introduced to mom stock and cuttings, you can ensure you are taking the ‘standing army’ approach when your plants go outside.

The standing army approach is exactly what it sounds like, a built in army of predators that are already on your plant in case of incoming spider mites, aphids, thrips, and more.

Some of the predators we like to utilize in the field are:

Californicus: Two spotted spider mite, broad mite, and cyclamen mite

Green Lacewings: Over 70 species of aphids, multiple species of thrips, and several mite species.

Nematodes: fungus gnats and thrips

These predators work exceptionally well in the field due to the wide temperature range they operate within and their generalized diet, comprising all of the major pest groups. These biologicals come in a loose option that you can sprinkle on the plant or in the form of a sachet/card that they slowly release from.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us today at 248-916-8550.

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