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*New Product Alert* Nematode Capsules!

First off, what is a Nematode? A Nematode is a worm of the large phylum Nematoda, such as a roundworm or threadworm. 

Why are Nematodes important for growers?

  • Predator Nematodes attack and kill a range of pests such as fungus gnats, borers, grubs, thrips and beetles with negligible effects on other organisms.
  • Nematodes directly help in nutrient mineralization through their feeding interactions improving soil fertility; Nitrogen cycle.

Why is our NEW Nematode Capsules a game-changer? Traditionally, nematodes needed to be mixed with water and drenched into your soil, which can be time-consuming and often results in sub par results. Our new nematode capsules can be applied directly to your soil or growing media with a much lower margin for error. 

How you apply them for maximum benefits. You can easily apply these capsules by mixing them with soil or placing in a planting hole, at the time of planting or after. This application approach gives you a longer control period than traditional nematode products. The capsules can be effective for approximately 6 weeks. The highest effect is recorded in the 2nd – 4th week after application. The nematodes leave the capsules over an extended period of time, providing your plants with long-term protection. The slow-release mode is ideal for preventative treatment against fungus gnats.

Key tips: 

  • The application amount would be approximately 15 capsules for every gallon of growing media. 
  • Do not scatter over the surface

How to store your nematodes when you get them

Nematodes should be used as soon as possible upon delivery. Do not freeze or expose to temperatures above 95°F.

The advantages of the nematode capsules 

  • Preventative use, application time independent (long time usage)
  • Integration in common workflow, no need of separated work step for EPN capsules
  • Automatization of application
  • Placement of nematodes inside substate
  • Reduction of water in critical growing phase
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