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Thrips again? Need a different path?

How to get rid of thrips

  • Scout regularly: Monitor sticky cards to see what pests are present and have an action plan in place for when the threshold is reached or if new pests are found.
  • Develop a threshold for pests: Have a pest threshold so you know where the pressure stands and if the sprays/bios are working. Spend at a bare minimum one day/hour per week in the crop scouting and observing.
  • Utilize biocontrol: There are many predatory mites and pirate bugs, rove beetles, and nematodes, that effectively prevent and eradicate Western flower thrips. Utilizing a combination of biocontrol both in the foliage and soil can entirely eliminate the need to spray for thrips.

Here are some specific examples of biocontrol agents that can be used to control thrips

  • Predatory mites: Amblyseius swirskii & Amblyseius cucumeris
  • Predatory soil mite: Stratiolaelaps scimitus
  • Nematodes: Steinernema feltiae
  • Pirate bug: Orius insidiosus
  • Rove beetles: Dalotia coriaria

These biocontrol agents can be applied to the foliage or soil, depending on the specific species and the stage of the thrips life cycle that is being targeted.

It is important to note that thrips can be resistant to some commercial pesticides, so biocontrol is often the most effective way to control them. Additionally, biocontrol agents do not harm cannabis plants, so they can be used safely and effectively throughout the growing season.


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