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Species Matter (when choosing aphid predators)!

The species of aphid you have will determine the predator you need. For example, parasitic wasps are very specific in their prey preferences, while generalist predators like lacewings and gall midges will eat a wide variety of aphid species. If…

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Thrips again? Need a different path?

How to get rid of thrips Scout regularly: Monitor sticky cards to see what pests are present and have an action plan in place for when the threshold is reached or if new pests are found. Develop a threshold for pests:…

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Persi vs TSSM! Fight!

Persimilis, also known as Phytoseiulus persimilis, is a predatory mite that is specifically adapted to feeding on spider mites. It is very effective at controlling spider mite populations. Persimilis effectively treats and prevents pests in cannabis by: Laying eggs on spider…

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